iCanvas Visual Identity

Visual identity re-work for online art retailer and licensing company, iCanvas.
Because of the nature of the business, the art must always be the hero. The trick for an identity in this situation is to support the work being sold, while staying memorable on its own.
Another problem with their current brand identity was that they were an Art company, but really any sort of personality or excitement that a company selling cultural objects needs.
I set out to not only make a cohesive visual toolkit, but one that allows for the work to shine. Taking it even further, I urged and empowered future designers and employees from other departments to use the ingredients in their own way to express their own personality; to have FUN with it. 
The whole suite had an isometric feel, drawing from the dimensional feature of the canvas protruding from the wall. This gave birth to a fully modular and interchangeable logotype and typeface. Each character could be coming from 8 possible directions, allowing for any possible application, from absolutely bonkers to a bit more conservative.

I was also involved in completely re-designing their website, iCanvas.com, from this to this.

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