Hallo, I'm Matt

I’m a designer, artist and musician, living in New York.

I’m always seeking any working relationship that involves telling a great story in a truly unique and exciting way — Working with brilliant and talented people, whether it be through art direction / design / any form under the sun. My pursuit of this has yielded visual identities, animations, words, good ideas, bad ideas, video production, sloppy paintings, motion graphics / 3D animation, websites, digital ads, and lettering made of peanuts.

And if you’re down, I’d love to jam with you.

Dream Client / Collaborations:

The Smashing Pumpkins, Larry David, Café Bustelo Coffee, The Reverb Appreciation Society, Factory Records, Arsenal Football Club, US Soccer, Any Bodega in NYC, Nike, Union Argentina de Rugby, New Zealand Rugby, USA Rugby, World Rugby, Auckland Rugby Union, Formula One, Channel 4, Jerry Seinfeld, Ahmad Jamal; The Estates of: Christopher Hitchens, JD Salinger, Stanley Kubrick, Tupac Shakur, Jimi Hendrix, and Ian Curtis.

Past Client List:

Nike, Equinox, Dish, Dish Latino, McDonalds, iCanvas, BabyBel, The Altria Group, Nabisco
“Matt is a creative dynamo with an impeccable work ethic. There is no job too big or small that he doesn’t commit to fully. This is a trait that isn’t learned, it’s quite frankly who he is and that makes him an irreplaceable part of any team that he works on. I highly recommend Matt for any team that is looking for someone who is never short on great ideas and has the skill and drive to make those ideas into great work.”

Dave Cuesta
Design Director, Havas WW Chicago
Mentor / Lifetime Boss

“Matt has what every company wants - good work ethic, optimism, and a desire to be mentored and learn. He’s capable of honing his skills on his own but can sometimes fall into paralysis of choice - as he’s quite good at many skills relevant to the creative field ranging from digging in to custom typography all the way to shredding Jimi Hendrix on his electric guitar. He can take creative direction exceptionally well - in fact he’s hungry for it. He listens with empathy and applies his own knowledge to make concepts great. He knows when to ask for feedback and has a strong understanding of the creative process from many angles. The biggest challenge with Matt, and he’s getting much better with this as time progresses, is communication. He can be a bit bottled up and on the quiet side - so sometimes over-communicating with him helps to know you’re on the same page. In my opinion it is very worth it and with every new project he gets more confident and comes further out of his shell to become a better communicator. Give him a chance and he’ll be loyal and make great work and continue to build his own creative confidence. He’d make a shining employee in a small shop environment where he could wear many hats or in a broad-thinking department where he could apply his many skills in a larger firm.”

Kyle Fletcher
Freelance Designer, fmr. IDEO
Mentor / Associate

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